Quality Assurance:


The comprehensive quality assurance programs offered by Associates in Medical Physics, LLC, are designed to help your department produce high quality images and accurate test results in vivo and in vitro. They will also ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements.


Quality Assurance Programs

Provide scintillation camera acceptance testing

QC checks of cameras, uptake and well detectors and dose calibrators with a review of counting/handling procedures

Review and recording of film badge records to establish exposure trends

Evaluating exhaust ventilation systems for license and EPA (NESHAPS) compliance

Perform surveys for contamination and excessive radiation

Review of the Quality Management Program

Provide appropriate signs, postings, and notices

Alert clients to changing regulations or their interpretations


Quarterly Site Visits:


Associates in Medical Physics, LLC provides quarterly site visits with clients to audit the radiation safety program. This is followed by a summary report compiling the findings and offering suggestions for correction of any deficiencies. Further, medical physics consultants are always available for problem-solving by phone contact. Please review how a sample contract would read.


Please contact us at 216-663-7000 to discuss our services.







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