Mammography Services

Associates in Medical Physics, LLC, (AMP), can supply the following services:

Make an annual survey of the mammographic equipment in accordance with the requirements of the American College of Radiology (ACR), the Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992 (MQSA), and State laws. This survey is to include the following performance evaluations, safety evaluations, and output measurements:

Light beam to X-ray beam alignment.
X-ray beam to image receptor alignment.
Compression paddle to image receptor alignment
Proper function of interlocks, vertical, rotational, compression movement, and the image receptors.
Itemized check list of equipment standards per ACR, MQSA, and State requirements.
kVp and timer accuracy.
kVp, timer, and output reproducibility.
mA or mAs linearity.
Accuracy of distance indicators.
Waveform analysis and ripple functions.
Half-value layer determination at four different clinical kVp's.
Mean glandular dose to an average patient at four different clinical kVp's.
Skin-entrance exposure for a craniocaudal view at four different clinical kVp's.
Performance of AEC system, to include reproducibility, thickness and kVp compensation, fine density setting accuracy, and back-up timer function.
Focal spot size or resolution measurement.
Assessment of operator barrier adequacy.
Evaluation of presence of artifacts.
Uniformity of screen speed of all mammographic cassettes.
Phantom image analysis.
Perform review of the mammography QA/QC program for the following:
Compliance with ACR standards.
Comliance with State regulations.
Compliance with Federal (MQSA) requirements.
General radiation safety.
Processor performance (to include appropriate settings and sensitometry results).
Darkroom cleanliness.
Screen cleaning.
Mammographic phantom imaging.
Darkroom fog.
Film-screen contact test.
Compression pressure monitored.
Repeat Analysis.
Viewboxes and viewing conditions.
Analysis of fixer retention.
Visual checklist.
Contents of Quality Assurance Manual.

Provide a typed report of all survey findings for use as a permanent record, in a format acceptable to regulatory agencies and to the ACR.
Be available during normal business hours to discuss radiation safety, quality assurance, and any other applicable topic by telephone.

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